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Water (is/are) the universal solvent. 40 Subject-­‐Verb Agreement Independent Practice Circle the correct form of the verb in parenthesis to complete each sentence. 1. The Earth (orbit/orbits) the sun. 2. The Earth (rotate/rotates) on its axis. 3. Planets (orbit/orbits) the sun in our solar system. 4. The sun (heat/heats) the Earth. 5. The Earth’s two hemispheres (has/have) opposite seasons. 6. The seasons (do, does) not depend on the distance of Earth from the sun. 7. A revolution (is/are) the movement of Earth as it makes an orbit around the sun in one year.

Bella ________________________________________ about it for weeks. (talk) 6. Bailey ________________________________________ all summer. (work) 7. Lee ________________________________________ a paper tonight. (write) 8. The track team ________________________________________ in a marathon together. (ran) 9. Her mom ________________________________________ over 12 dozen cookies tomorrow. (bake) 10. The lady ________________________________________ her house for the party. (clean) 55 Verb Tenses Writing Future Progressive Tense Remember, the future progressive tense verb shows an on-­‐going action that will occur in the future.

____________________ 3. Did you know that the French and Indian War lasted seven years? ____________________ 4. Our class can’t wait to learn more about United States history! ____________________ 30 Independent Practice Write 2 examples of each type of sentence. Be sure to use the correct punctuation. Declarative Sentences 1. _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2.

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