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By J.X. Boucherle, J. Flouquet and C. Lacroix (Eds.)

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P. REGNAULT t , J. ROSSAT-MIGNOD* and E. , 85X, 38041 Grenoble-cedex, France The hexagonal compound CeGa 2 has been studied by magnetic measurements, neutron diffraction and inelastic neutron scattering experiments using polycrystalline and single crystal samples. 5 K down to 2 K shows that CeGa 2 is a new Kondo lattice in which anisotropie exchange interactions are important. The CeGa 2 compound crystallizes in the sim­ ple hexagonal AlB 2 -type structure (P6/mmm space group). The Ce atom lies in the la(0, 0, 0) site while Ga atoms are in the 2d site (1/3, 2/3, 1/2 and 2/3, 1/3, 1/2).

If we estimate the Kondo temperature from this S(T) measure­ ment, we obtain a value around 12 K. In fig. 5 the specific heat of CeCu 5 is plotted as Cp/T vs. T. 9 K. A high temperature extrapolation ( T > 10 K) of the Cp/T vs. T 2 data yields a γ-value of (100 ±10) mJ/molK 2 . 8 and UCu 5 have been found in the same order of magnitude, which seem to be typical for magnetically ordered Kondo com­ pounds. The magnetic contribution to the specific heat c m plotted as inset in fig. 82 T 3 ). The mag­ netic entropy Sm as a function of temper­ ature is also shown in this inset.

Lett. 54 (1985) 2541. L. Lin, A. E. Crow, T. Mihalisin and P. Schlottmann, (preprint). L. W. E. Crow, T. Mihalisin, J. P. Guertin, in: Proc. , Hamilton, Canada (9-12 June 1986) to be published. [6] M. Nicolas-Francillon, A. C. Ac hard, O. Gorochov, B. Cornut, D. Jerome and B. Coqblin, Solid State Commun. 11 (1972) 845. S. A. D. D. Parks, J. Magn. Magn. Mat. 52 (1985) 385. [7] B. Cornut and B. Coqblin, Phys. Rev. B5 (1972) 4541. [8] S. Maekawa, S. Kashiba, S. Takahashi and M. Tachiki, ref. [3], page 90.

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